We may have the cure for your dizziness or vertigo

This month, Apex Headache Clinic founder and Spinal & Headache Physiotherapy Specialist Rebecca Nelson discusses the effects of vertigo and dizziness on patients’ lives, and how the practice has been treating and clearing this devastating condition for decades.

Has vertigo got your head in a spin?

Here at Apex Headache Clinic, we treat people on a daily basis, who are suffering from vertigo or dizziness. This common health complaint can cause poor balance when walking, light headedness or a feeling of ‘being removed’ from the world. In the most severe cases, the dizziness can confine people to their homes and ruin their lives.

Getting the correct diagnosis is key

The reason that vertigo patients often find no cure, is because their type of vertigo has been misdiagnosed. What many people are unaware of, is that there are in fact two major causes of vertigo; vertigo stemming from an imbalance in the inner ear, called vestibular vertigo and vertigo which originates from the upper neck region, called cervical vertigo. It is cervical vertigo, which is often overlooked as a trigger of vertigo or dizziness. This type of vertigo is usually the result of stiffness or damage of the upper two neck joints of the spine and often the person has no actual neck pain, only dizziness. To treat vertigo at its source, the correct diagnosis must be made in order for the symptoms to be cleared.

Cervical vertigo is often misdiagnosed as vestibular vertigo. In rare cases, the person may have both types of vertigo. A key feature of cervical vertigo is that it is usually unresponsive to medication prescribed to treat inner ear vertigo.

If your vertigo or dizziness hasn’t cleared within a few weeks, then it’s definitely time to seek our help at Apex Headache Clinic.

Let Apex Headache Clinic clear your vertigo

For over 22 years I have been successfully diagnosing and treating cervical vertigo and have trained the rest of our team of specialist physiotherapists in the clinic in the unique manual regime of treatment, which I devised. This specialist treatment regime is very successful in clearing vertigo and dizziness, and we treat people from all over the UK and Ireland who travel for our treatment.

The initial consultation appointment at Apex Headache Clinic will involve one of our specialist physiotherapists assessing your neck to determine if it is triggering your vertigo. The majority of patients with vertigo that we see in the clinic have already been diagnosed with vestibular or inner ear vertigo elsewhere, which has not responded to the usual treatments for it.

Our unique manual physiotherapy treatment involves gentle and safe mobilisation techniques of the targeted segments of the upper neck joints. The treatment usually starts to be effective within the first few sessions.

Don’t let vertigo or dizziness ruin the quality of your life. At Apex Headache Clinic we have a high success rate in clearing it completely, even in patients who have suffered for years.

If you are suffering from dizziness or vertigo, book an appointment with us at Apex Headache Clinic on 028 9048 4153 and we should be able to clear it.