Don’t let Tinnitus ruin the quality of your life 

Tinnitus is the term used for hearing noises which are not caused by an outside or external source. It is an awareness of sound in the ears or head such as a ringing, buzzing, hissing or whistling. It can range from being mildly annoying in the sufferer to life ruining, where the person’s quality of life is completely ruined.

Tinnitus symptoms can originate from two main sources:  inner ear dysfunction or from nerve irritation in the upper neck region of the spine,  or occasionally from a combination of both the inner ear and the neck.  Very often, the neck is overlooked as a cause of tinnitus and we have seen many patients who have been diagnosed elsewhere with Meniere’s or another inner ear dysfunction, who did not respond to the relevant treatment for this, but they responded extremely well to our treatment regime suggesting that their neck was involved in their tinnitus presentation. 

At Apex Headache Clinic we are very experienced and specialised in treating neck triggered tinnitus, even when the person commonly has no neck pain along with their tinnitus. On the first initial consultation we assess the person’s neck to see if it is responsible for triggering their tinnitus symptoms either fully or partially. If it is, it is extremely likely that we can clear or significantly reduce their tinnitus

We offer a unique regime of specialised manual physiotherapy treatment for tinnitus called The Nelson Tinnitus Approach™ which is not available in any other clinics at this time. Our regime was developed by our Director of Physiotherapy, Rebecca Nelson, a Spinal & Headache, Migraine, Vertigo Physiotherapy Specialist from her experience of over 30 years of successfully treating tinnitus in the majority of cases. This regime mostly involves “hands-on” progressive manual spinal mobilisation to the upper 3 neck segments, in a gentle controlled fashion. Treatment may also be applied to other areas of the spine, if we feel that they are involved. We do not manipulate or “crack” the upper neck area of the spine due to the risk factors involved, and therefore our treatment regimes are safe and suitable for everyone of all ages and pregnant women too. We monitor our success rates with every patient that we see with tinnitus as we pride ourselves in our very successful outcomes with our treatment regime.

Our treatment for tinnitus is evidence based and fits into a medical model of management, that is why we receive quite a lot of referrals from Medical Practitioners and ENT Consultants. We are often the last stop, for folk who have tried everything in a search to clearing their tinnitus and we love the challenge and reward of clearing their symptoms.

Contact Apex Headache Clinic for your initial assessment. There may be a drug free cure for your tinnitus waiting for you…