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Headache Treatment

  • Migraines
  • Tension headaches
  • Cluster headaches
  • Back of head headache
  • Cervicogenic headache
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  • Tinnitus
  • Hearing noises not caused by an external source
  • Ringing, buzzing, hissing or whistling sound in the ears & head
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Vertigo / Dizziness

Vertigo / Dizziness

  • Vertigo
  • Dizziness
  • Lightheadedness
  • Poor balance
  • A heavy, foggy head
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Face Pain

  • Information Coming Soon
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TMJ / Jaw Pain

TMJ / Jaw Pain

  • Jaw pain
  • Temporomandibular pain
  • Clicking jaw
  • Jaw locking
  • Reduced jaw opening
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Apex Sleepwell Pillow

  • Orthopaedic pillow range
  • Reduces or clears neck pain, neck stiffness
  • Reduces or clears headaches & migraines
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About Us

Apex Headache Clinic was launched over 20 years ago and is Ireland’s first drug-free headache clinic.

Our treatment involves unique regimes of specialised manual physiotherapy techniques developed by our Director of Physiotherapy, Rebecca Nelson who is a Spinal & Headache, Migraine, Vertigo Physiotherapy Specialist. Her regimes were developed and are continually enhanced from her experience of over 30 years of successfully treating these conditions in both New Zealand and Northern Ireland. Her regime of assessment and treatment has been named, The Nelson Headache Approach™ and all of our Specialist Physiotherapists at Apex Headache Clinic have been extensively trained and are experienced in using it. The Nelson Headache Approach™ is not available in any other clinic in the UK or Ireland at this current time. Whatever your headache diagnosis, such as migraine, tension headaches, cluster headaches, cervicogenic headache, hemiplegic migraines, chronic daily headaches, Rebecca has discovered that the vast majority of people suffering headaches have neck involvement in their headache, even if they have no neck pain, and if this is treated, then their headaches or migraines clear or greatly improve.

Rebecca has also developed and further refined unique regimes of specialised manual physiotherapy techniques for the treatment of vertigo/ dizziness, TMJ or jaw problems, tinnitus and face pain from her vast experience of treating these conditions with success. Again, these treatment regimes are not available in any other clinic at this time and all of our Specialist Physiotherapists are meticulously trained and experienced at using them.

If further investigations or scans are required, we have a network of leading Consultant Neurologists in the Belfast area who will be on hand to provide additional medical management if required.

Why not have a read at our Testimonials section and News section here at Apex Headache Clinic, to hear from many of our delighted patients where treatment has often restored the quality of their lives.

Approximately 10% of patients that we treat at Apex Headache Clinic travel to see us from outside Northern Ireland, from many different countries worldwide. The vast majority of these folk have found that the travelling was more than worthwhile for them and often our treatment was life changing for them. If you would like to consider travelling to see us for treatment, we now have a Patient Co-Ordinator who’d be delighted to help you to organise this.

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    Why we are the leaders in Headache, Migraine & Vertigo treatment

    Our Regional Headache Clinic
    The only physiotherapy led drug-free Headache Clinic in Ireland, specialising in the assessment and treatment of headaches, migraines, vertigo, dizziness, TMJ/ Jaw problems and tinnitus
    Daytime, Evening & Weekend Appointments Available
    Whatever your busy lifestyle and preferred treatment times, we can provide daytime, evening & weekend appointments to suit your schedule, and to fit in around your availability
    High Success Rate
    Our very high success rate at clearing headaches, migraines, vertigo, dizziness, TMJ/Jaw problems & tinnitus explains why we have patients travelling from many different countries worldwide for our treatment
    We Genuinely Care About Getting You Better
    Our physios are handpicked for their genuinely caring nature, passion and true determination for getting you better. They always go the extra mile to achieve the best outcomes for our patients
    Our Extensively Trained Physios
    Trained by Rebecca Nelson, Spinal & Headache, Migraine, Vertigo Physiotherapy Specialist in using her unique treatment regimes which aren’t available at any other clinics at this time
    We Are There For You 24/7
    Because every physio has been extensively trained by Rebecca Nelson in exactly the same way, using the same treatment regimes and techniques, there will NEVER be a break in your course of treatment
    "10% of people we treat at Apex Headache Clinic travel from outside Northern Ireland, from many different countries worldwide due to our high success rate.”

    Latest News

    Find out the latest news about Apex Clinic, Belfast!We are always happy to hear what you have to say so be sure to leave a comment.

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