Apex Headache Clinic cleared my head pain!

43-year-old Rosemary Miller from Limavady had been suffering horrendous head pain for 5 years. During these terrible years, she had tried everything in the hope of getting even a little relief, but nothing helped. She came to the conclusion that this was something she was going to have to live with but after hearing about Apex Headache Clinic, with nothing to lose, Rosemary decided to try it out. Here, she shares how the clinic’s unique regime of specialist manual physiotherapy treatment for headaches, called The Nelson Headache ApproachTM, cleared her head pain, meaning that she could finally get her life back on track.   

Rosemary, when did your head pain begin? 

Around 5 years ago, I started having terrible sharp pain in the back of my head. I went to my GP a few times and was given various medications, but nothing seemed to help. After about a year, I went to Dublin to see a Consultant Neurologist who diagnosed me with Neuralgia in my head. I was then given different medication to try to help the pain, but this came with side effects which were hindering my everyday life. 4 years ago, I went for a nerve block which helped me but only temporarily and then the pain came back as before.  

How did the head pain affect your life? 

The pain was there everyday, always coming and going. There was no rhyme or reason to when the pain would come on, which made it hard to make any plans. It affected my life everyday.  

What led you to Apex Headache Clinic? 

When my pain came back, my Consultant Neurologist recommended that I try something different to see if I could get to the root cause of the pain. She suggested referring me for NHS physio but she then mentioned Apex Headache Clinic and said that they specialised in the treatment of headaches and that she had heard good reviews so suggested it might be something else I could look into. At that stage I was willing to try anything and decided to book an appointment for an initial consultation.  

How has your life changed since having treatment? 

When I started my sessions with my specialist physiotherapist it was a few weeks before I noticed any change and I was a bit sceptical that it was going to work for me as I had tried everything including different therapies and acupuncture, but after a few weeks I noticed my pain gradually reduced and we were able to space my treatments out further until my pain had cleared completely. I have had no pain since I was discharged from Apex Clinic. It has been amazing waking up without pain! 

What advice would you offer someone suffering from headaches or head pain? 

I would say give it a go, I went in with the attitude that it was worth a shot, and I am so pleased at how Apex Headache Clinic were able to help me. My specialist physiotherapist was lovely and always made me feel so at home throughout my course of treatment.  

To book an appointment at Apex Headache Clinic, call 028 9048 4153. No GP referral is necessary.