On the first appointment which lasts one hour, your specialist physiotherapist will ask you about your headaches or migraines and examine you thoroughly to find out if there is a neck component or neck involvement in your headaches.  In many cases, the person has no neck pain but still has neck involvement in their headaches or migraines. This is why very often, the person’s neck has not been considered by other medical practitioners as a source of their headaches or migraines.

Our unique treatment regime is called The Nelson Headache Approach™ and was developed by our Director of Physiotherapy, Rebecca Nelson, a Spinal & Headache, Migraine, Vertigo Physiotherapy Specialist. This regime mostly involves “hands-on” progressive manual spinal mobilisation to the upper 3 neck segments, in a gentle controlled fashion. Treatment may also be applied to other areas of the spine, if  we feel that they are involved. We VH8O1724do not manipulate or “crack” the upper neck area of the spine due to the risk factors involved, and therefore our treatment regimes are safe and suitable for everyone, from children from 4 years old through to the elderly, and pregnant women too. Our average number of treatments will depend on each individual case, however we would expect to see appreciable improvement within 5 treatments.

Most people who have been treated successfully by us did not know that their neck was involved at all in their headaches or migraines when they first presented to us. Also, most patients treated successfully here at Apex Headache Clinic have a diagnosis of Migraine, Tension headaches or chronic daily headaches when they came to us, yet examination confirmed involvement of their neck in their headache type. If there is a neck component to your headaches or migraines, no matter what diagnosis or label for your headache type that you have already been given, then we have a very high success rate at clearing or vastly reducing your headaches. This explains why 10% of patients that we treat at Apex Headache Clinic have travelled from outside Northern Ireland, from many different countries worldwide for our treatment.

Contact Apex Headache Clinic for your initial assessment. There may be a drug free cure for your headaches or migraines awaiting you…