The drug free solution for your headaches...

Apex Headache Clinic was formally launched in 2012 within the Belfast based physiotherapy practice Apex Clinic. It is Northern Ireland’s first drug-free headache clinic.


Our treatment techniques involve a unique regime of specialised manual techniques developed by spinal physiotherapy specialist Rebecca Nelson, from her experience of over 22 years of successfully treating headache and migraine sufferers in Northern Ireland and New Zealand.  Her regime of assessment and treatment has been named, The Nelson Headache Approach™ and all of the six specialist physiotherapists at Apex Headache Clinic have been extensively trained and are experienced in using it.  Whatever your headache diagnosis, such as migraine, tension headaches, cluster headaches, cervicogenic headache etc Rebecca has discovered that the majority of people suffering headaches in the community have a component of neck involvement to their headache, and if this is treated then their headaches or migraines clear or greatly improve.  Why not have a read at our testimonial section, to hear from some of our delighted customers.


If further investigations or scans are required, we have a network of leading Consultant Neurologists in the Belfast area who will be on hand to provide additional medical management if required.


So, for anyone out there with headaches or migraines, from children to the elderly, help is at hand! Don’t let headaches ruin your life anymore, contact us to get help