Apex Headache Clinic cleared my migraines, it’s like magic!

For 39-year-old Lee-Ann Savage, a Slimming World Consultant from Downpatrick, the last 5 years have been a struggle. Lee-Ann visited Apex Headache Clinic in the hope of getting relief from her migraines. Here, she shares how the clinic’s unique regime of specialist manual physiotherapy treatment for migraines and headaches, called The Nelson Headache Approach™, cleared her migraines, meaning that she could finally start to enjoy life again.

Lee-Ann, tell us how your migraines began?

My migraines began after I had my second child when I was 34. I then had another child a year later when I was 35 and my migraines kept getting worse and becoming more frequent. I attended my GP to try get to the bottom of what was going on and I was then referred on to a Consultant Neurologist.

How did the pain affect your life?

When I would take a migraine, I would have pain in my neck that travelled into my head. This would have left me bed bound for days at a time and I wasn’t able to get out and about with my young children. My migraines also affected my work life, and I couldn’t put the time needed into my work activities. It was having an awful effect on every aspect of my life.

What led you to Apex Headache Clinic?

When I attended the Consultant Neurologist, he carried out tests including a brain and spine MRI scan which showed I had degenerative wear and tear of my neck. He then referred me to Apex Headache Clinic for specialist physiotherapy treatment with Rebecca Nelson. I had never ever heard of having physiotherapy treatment for migraines before.

How has Apex Headache Clinic changed your life?

I am now 95% clear of my migraines. I get the odd migraine from time to time but I know how to manage it, by following the advice I have been given by my specialist headache physiotherapist, Rebecca and my migraines are not nearly as severe as they once were. I am now able to pick my children up from school and I can go to work knowing that I can talk to the members and not just sit in agony. The change has been amazing!

What advice would you offer someone suffering from migraines?

I would contact Apex Headache Clinic. Give them a call and book a consultation or ask for some more information about their specialist treatment for migraines. I can’t believe how it has worked for me, it’s like magic!

To book an appointment at Apex Headache Clinic, call 028 9048 4153. No GP referral is necessary.