How I beat vertigo

31-year-old vertigo sufferer Richard Ross from Cullybackey shares his story of the miserable effects that vertigo had on his life and how a visit to Apex Headache Clinic gave him new hope.

Richard, tell us about when your dizziness or vertigo first started.

My symptoms first started gradually in June 2013. I felt terrible with dizziness, every minute of every day. It was a feelingas if I had just stepped off a roller coaster ride. It didn’t matter whether I was sitting,standing, or lying down, the dizziness was still there. Turning my head from left to right or up and down made me feel even worse.

How did the dizziness affect your life?

Even everyday tasks of daily living were becoming difficult and everything felt like such an effort. It drove my fiancée crazy at times as I even struggled with the most simple of tasks, which we all take for granted. For example, when walking down the street, I would often bump into her. My balance and perception of things were
completed distorted. Every night I had to sleep upright as it was too bad to bear when I lay flat. Looking back now, I don’t know how I managed to tolerate the vertigo for as long as I did.

What led you to Apex Headache Clinic?
Whilst at my GP surgery one day, I happened to read an article on Apex Headache Clinic in a magazine and this immediately caught my attention and gave me hope. The article was on vertigo and how the clinic had a high success rate at clearing it. I had tried absolutely everything else to clear my vertigo and it hadn’t helped so I phoned and booked an appointment in desperation.

How has Apex Headache Clinic changed your life?

At the first session Rebecca and Nicola diagnosed my vertigo as cervical vertigo, which stems from the upper neck region of the spine and is often misdiagnosed as vestibular vertigo, which originates from an imbalance in the inner ear. I couldn’t believe that after the first session I started to feel some relief already. I then had a
course of treatment and now I feel that my life is back on track. I feel 90 to 100 per cent better. I wish that I had heard of Apex Headache Clinic much sooner, because I’d suffered so badly with it for so long.

What advice would you offer anyone suffering from dizziness or vertigo?
I would strongly advise anyone with vertigo or dizziness to book a consultation with Apex Headache Clinic. I have got back the quality of my life and I’d like to spread my story to others, so hopefully they can experience the same relief that I have got.

Don’t let vertigo ruin your life. Apex Headache Clinic has a high success rate in clearing it, even in people who have suffered it for years.

If you would like to book an appointment with us at Apex Headache Clinic contact us on 028 9048 4153.