Apex Clinic cleared my jaw pain!

33 year old Karolina Blair from Belfast was suffering from severe pain, tightness and clicking in her jaw. Karolina thought that this was something she was going to have to live with but when she heard about Apex Clinic, Belfast, with nothing to lose she decided to give their specialist physio regime a go. Here, she shares how the clinic’s unique regime of specialist manual physiotherapy treatment, called The Nelson Jaw Approach™, cleared her jaw pain, meaning that she could finally enjoy life again.

Karolina, when did the pain in your jaw begin?

At the beginning of last year, I began having pain, tightness and clicking in my jaw in the morning when I woke up. This got worse to the point where I was scared to yawn or open my mouth wide as it would cause me such severe pain.

How did the pain affect your life?

I was very conscious of the jaw clicking when I was out in public and I had to be careful with the foods that I ate, especially if I was going out and socialising. I had to pick foods that didn’t need much chewing, even a bread roll would cause me intense pain when eating.

What led you to Apex Clinic?

I did my own research online to see how I could help myself with my jaw pain. I didn’t want to keep taking painkillers as this wasn’t going to cure the problem. During my research for a solution to my pain I came across an article on the Apex Headache Clinic website which was about someone who had jaw pain and I read some more information about how the clinic specialises in treating jaw pain as well as headaches and vertigo. I phoned Apex Clinic and made an appointment for an initial assessment a couple of weeks later.

How has your life changed since having treatment?

Once I started having the physiotherapy treatment, I started to see results quite quickly. My specialist physiotherapist, Abigail, took my medical history and she assessed my jaw. She checked my jaw movements and how wide I could open my mouth. She also checked what type of movements were causing my pain. She then started the manual physiotherapy treatment which eased the tightness in my jaw and my movements, and the pain began to improve. While I was having treatment I stopped eating certain foods which I found increased my pain. However, over the course of treatment I was able to start eating these foods again. I’m now painfree and can enjoy all foods without any clicking at all. Furthermore, I don’t have to worry when I need to yawn which used to be so painful.

What advice would you offer someone suffering from jaw pain?

I would highly recommend Apex Clinic to anyone suffering from jaw pain to try physiotherapy treatment. My specialist physiotherapist was always very kind and knowledgeable during my sessions. She always answered any questions I had and gave me advice to help me manage my pain. I would say try Apex Clinic, as the outcome has been excellent!

To book an appointment at Apex Clinic, call 028 9048 4153. No GP referral is necessary.