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We have the cure for your headaches

Apex Headache Clinic Founder and Spinal and Headache Physiotherapy Specialist, Rebecca Nelson discusses the facts on headaches and how the clinic is treating and clearing headaches and migraines for good.

Headaches ruin lives

At Apex Headache Clinic we witness on a daily basis how headaches can have a devastating effect on lives, leaving the sufferer desperate to nd a solution to relieve their pain.

Many people blame tension or stress for their headaches and they reach for painkillers, which offer them no long lasting relief. But what many are unaware of, is that there is often a physical cause for their headaches stemming from the neck, which can be treated successfully without the need for medication. Poor posture or hours spent hunched over desks and computers can cause persistent neck-triggered headaches or migraines, as can repeated heavy lifting or a previous injury.

The first drug-free headache clinic in Ireland

Apex Headache Clinic rst opened its doors four years ago, with people travelling from all over the UK and Ireland to seek our help. We have an immensely high success rate in clearing patients of their headaches for good, by using my own unique regime of manual physiotherapy techniques to the neck.


Too many painkillers can cause headaches

It is a well known fact that excessive medication makes many headaches worse and at Apex Headache Clinic we rmly believe the cure for pain isn’t painkillers. In fact, medical research advises not to take headache medication on more than three days a week. But, the good news is that specialised physiotherapy for headaches has been shown to be a highly effective, drug- free way of clearing headaches by relieving stiffness of the upper neck joints.

Poor pillows could be the source of the problem

At Apex Clinic we constantly see how poor pillows can make headaches worse. Pillows are intended to support the head and neck to reduce compressive stresses on the structure of the neck whilst sleeping. If your pillow is too soft or at, you may be left with a headache in the morning.

To fight the war against poor pillows, I have designed the Apex Sleepwell Pillow range, clinically proven to reduce and prevent neck pain and headaches. Each pillow is uniquely designed in thickness and rmness to match needs of sleepers according to their build, from children to teens, right through to medium-sized adults and those of larger builds.

Headaches affect children too

Children also suffer from headaches, which again, often stem from the neck. Factors such as heavy schoolbags and poor posture from playing electronic games or studying are prime causes of stiffening neck joints and triggering headaches.

Treat pain at its source

As with all niggles, aches and pains, we recommend that you get to the root of your symptoms as soon as possible. With the correct diagnosis, Apex Headache Clinic’s specialist manual physiotherapy treatment regimes can clear your headaches and restore the quality of your life.
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