Headaches in children

“Mummy, my head hurts!”

Headaches and migraines can be just as painful and debilitating for children and teenagers as they are for adults. This month, Apex Headache Clinic founder, Rebecca Nelson, discusses how her hands-on, evidence-based approach to headaches is helping clear headaches and migraines in children.

Headaches and migraines are a real pain for children too

Around 70% of school children have a headache at least once a year. One in four of these children suffer from recurrent headaches, and about 10% of school children suffer from migraine. Migraine can affect both boys and girls.

Are headaches ruining your child’s life?

For children suffering long-term headaches the effects are devastating. Parents are usually at their wits end by
the time they see us at Apex Headache Clinic, often having already consulted GPs, paediatricians, neurologists or
opticians in their quest for a cure. At Apex Headache Clinic we are offering new hope to many families who feel they
have already tried everything.

Specialist Physiotherapy: the hands-on headache cure

Apex Headache Clinic opened its doors in May 2012 as the first medication-free headache and migraine clinic in the
whole of Ireland, supported by Dr Raeburn Forbes, consultant neurologist and headache specialist. We offer our own unique, drug-free solution to long-term headache and migraine sufferers, including children and teenagers.

This unique regime of manual physiotherapy techniques, known as the Nelson Approach, was inspired by New Zealand and Australian physiotherapy approaches. Our success rates to date speak volumes as to why people are travelling from Southern Ireland and England for an appointment.

Bringing hope to children, teenagers and their families

15 year old Rachel Caldwell’s visit to Apex Headache Clinic gave her new hope and opened the door to a brighter,
headache-free future. She said: “I had no life; I was just lying in bed, crying and wishing the pain would end. I am now able to live my life like any normal teenager for the first time in four or five years.

“I can’t tell you how grateful I am to Rebecca and her team. I never thought I would end up where I am now with my
life back on track and looking forward to the future again.”

Let Apex Headache Clinic bring relief to your family

If your child is suffering persistent headaches or migraines and they have already consulted with a GP, then help is
at hand at Apex Headache Clinic.

An initial assessment with one of our specialist spinal physiotherapists at Apex Headache Clinic will establish if there is a neck-related component to your child’s migraine or headaches. A course of manual physiotherapy treatment will then follow with a high likelihood of success.