Are you looking for a cure for your child’s headaches or migraines?

Does your child or teenager suffer from recurring headaches or migraines? In this month’s article, Apex Headache Clinic Founder and Spinal & Headache Physiotherapy Specialist, Rebecca Nelson, discusses how at Ireland’s first drug-free headache and migraine clinic, her hands-on, evidence based approach is successfully clearing headaches and migraines in both children and adults.

The statistics may shock you

10% of school children suffer from migraines, which can severely affect both boys and girls. The World Health Organisation has classed migraines amongst the top 20 most disabling conditions, with an estimated 2.75 million school days missed each year as a result.

Are headaches ruining your child’s life?

The effects of suffering long term headaches or migraines can be devastating. Parents usually contact Apex Headache Clinic after trying all other approaches, including consulting GPs, paediatricians, neurologists or opticians, with no relief. Thankfully, we offer hope to families who are at the end of their tether, thanks to our drug-free, specialist approach to clearing or significantly reducing headaches and migraines.

The Nelson Headache Approach™

Our approach of treating and clearing headaches/migraines, called The Nelson Headache Approach™ is offered in no other clinics in Northern Ireland, and its high success rate explains why people travel from all over the UK and Europe for this treatment.

It was whilst I was working as a physiotherapist in New Zealand, early in my career, that I sought treatment for my own migraines. These were diagnosed as stemming from my neck, and following treatment, I have been pain-free ever since. The change this had on my life was indescribable.

I further developed my own unique regime for treating and clearing headaches and migraines and I’ve over 25 years of experience of treating such conditions. We offer this drug-free regime to all ages, including children and teenagers with a very high success rate.

Cian’s life was changed following treatment at Apex Headache Clinic

11-year-old Cian Smith from County Cavan was given new hope and the opportunity to see a brighter future, following a visit to Apex Headache Clinic.

He said: “All I’ve even known is life with headaches. I’m told that at the age of 6 months, I began suffering from them. When each headache started, my temperature dropped, I became pale and the pain was so severe that it would cause me to vomit. Each awful episode would last for 2 hours and then gradually ease from there, before returning 10 days later. This cycle continued like clockwork over the years. Nothing in particular seemed to trigger it and we tried everything to find out what was causing them.

In a way, I became used to having migraines. Because I developed them when I was so young, I didn’t know any different. However, it was still horrendous. When a migraine struck, I would curl up on the sofa for hours, waiting for the pain to ease. I just wanted to be left alone. Painkillers gave me no relief at all.

We live in Cavan and all I can say is that it was definitely worth the two-and-a-half-hour drive! My Granny recently commented that I’m a lot more confident and care-free now, which I guess comes from not worrying about how a migraine could ruin my day. In a nutshell, Apex Headache Clinic really has changed my life.”

Let Apex Headache Clinic bring relief to your family

If your child is suffering persistent headaches or migraines and they have already consulted with a GP, then help is at hand at Apex Headache Clinic. An initial assessment with one of our specialist headache physiotherapists will confirm if we should be able to clear your child’s migraines or headaches. A course of treatment will then follow with a very high likelihood of success.

To book an appointment, call Apex Headache Clinic on 028 9048 4153. No GP referral is necessary.