Christmas headache

Take the headache out of 2014

This month, Apex Headache Clinic founder and spinal physiotherapy specialist, Rebecca Nelson, offers expert advice for a headache-free new year.

Most of us start the new year with a headache of some sort, usually of the self-inflicted variety and often made worse by the arrival of the January credit card bill. However, for people suffering from regular, longterm headaches and migraines, their pain is no laughing matter.

Do you suffer from headaches or migraines?

Persistent headaches and migraines can really get you down. Many of our patients’ lives have been totally ruined by headaches, leaving them desperate to find a solution that brings relief to their pain.

At Apex Headache Clinic we understand your pain. We know, from years of treating headaches, that specialised physiotherapy rather than painkillers can be just the cure you are looking for.

The cure for pain isn’t painkillers

Our message is very simple: the cure for pain isn’t painkillers. In fact, it’s well known that excessive medication makes many headaches worse.

At Apex Headache Clinic, we tackle and treat pain at its source, reducing the need for patients to rely on tablets which only ever mask the pain.

Headaches and migraines can stem from your neck
Many people don’t realise this, but their headaches or migraines can stem from damage or stiffness in the upper neck joints. Poor posture and hours spent hunched over desks and computers alone may be enough to cause persistent neck-triggered headaches or from repetitive lifting, a fall or an accident. Headache and migraine sufferers often suffer in silence for months or years, relying on tablets to cope with the pain. This doesn’t need to be the case.

Don’t let headaches or migraines ruin 2014
Apex Headache Clinic is helping headache and migraine sufferers of all ages – including children and teenagers, busy mums, business people and the elderly – clearing their pain for good. High success rates in curing persistent, long-standing headaches explain why people travel from far and wide to see us. On the initial assessment, one of our physiotherapists will establish whether there is a neck-related component to the person’s headaches or migraines. If there is, we should be able to offer significant relief through a course of specialised physiotherapy treatment.

Help is at hand at Apex Headache Clinic
Why not let Apex Headache Clinic take a hands-on approach to curing your headaches or migraines for a pain-free 2014? It can be life changing for headache sufferers. Call us on 028 9048 4153 for an appointment.