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Say goodbye to headaches & migraines for good

A former migraine sufferer herself, Rebecca discusses how Apex Headache Clinic is brining new hope to many patients and why the cure for pain isn’t painkillers.

Apex Headache Clinic opened its doors in May 2012 as the first drug-fee migraine and headache clinic in the whole of Ireland. Clinic founder and spinal physiotherapy specialist, Rebecca Nelson, leads an expert team of experienced physiotherapists. The clinic offers its unique, medication-free solution to long-term migraine and headache sufferers, who travel from all over Ireland to avail of this specialist treatment.

Migraines and headaches destroy lives
In the UK alone, a shocking 10 million people suffer from frequent migraines or headaches, and the effect of this can be devastating on lives. But what is little known is that migraines or frequent headaches may stem from damage, stiffness or stress in the structure of the neck.

Most types of benign migraines and headaches can originate from the upper neck joints, even without experiencing neck pain. As well as migraines, this includes tension headaches, cluster headaches and other benign recurring headaches. Poor posture and hours spent hunched over desks and computers, repetitive lifting or damage from a fall may be to blame for persistent neck-triggered migraines or headaches. The result of this, for many, is suffering in silence for years and reaching for painkillers in the hope of relief.

Don’t fall into the trap of medication overuse headaches
At Apex Headache Clinic, we firmly believe the cure for pain isn’t painkillers! In fact, it is a well known fact that excessive medication makes many headaches worse, and medical research advises not to take headache medication on more than three days a week.

At Apex Headache Clinic, our focus is to tackle and treat pain at its source, reducing the need for dependency on tablets, which only ever serve to mask the pain.

The Nelson Headache Approach
Inspired by New Zealand and Australian physiotherapy approaches, I developed the Nelson Headache Approach. My own specialist regime of manual physiotherapy treatment to the neck is effective in clearing migraine and headache sufferers of their pain for good. At the Clinic, this approach is helping sufferers of all ages, including children, teenagers, business people, working mums and the elderly. Using The Nelson Approach, our team of specialist physiotherapists have a high success rate in curing persistent, longstanding migraines and headaches.

Clearing patients’ pain for good
Ruth Walker, a classroom assistant from Belfast said: “I have suffered from severe headaches since the age of about 13. I had tests but nothing showed up. I would go partially blind, sometimes for two or three hours. A friend told me about Apex and I went along. After 40 minutes they were able to tell me that the pain was being caused by damage to my neck joints and nerves. I burst into tears. For years I thought I would never get to the bottom of it. Just to be told that someone can help you and that you don’t have to take tablets was amazing.”

Take control of your migraines or headaches
If you suffer persistent migraines or headaches, there is a cure! Book an initial assessment today at Apex Headache Clinic and let our specialist physiotherapists clear your pain and restore your quality of life.

To book an appointment, call Apex Headache Clinic on: 028 9048 4153.