Take the headache or migraine out of 2017 for good!

Do you suffer from recurring headaches or migraines? Take action now and make it your New Year’s resolution to take the headache out of 2017. This month, Apex Headache Clinic Founder and Spinal & Headache Physiotherapy Specialist, Rebecca Nelson offers expert advice for a headache free year.

While January is the start of a brand new year, it’s often devastating for some, when their headaches or migraines return as before and the thought of another year ahead ruined by them is a worrying reality.

Headaches destroy lives

At Apex Headache Clinic, we have been treating headache and migraine sufferers for years,  so we witness on a daily basis just how devastating the effects can be on lives, leaving sufferers desperate to find some relief.

Most people attribute tension or stress as the cause of their headaches, and so they reach for painkillers, which offer no long term relief. Often, there is actually a physical cause for their headaches or migraines and so without getting to the source of the problem, their headaches will persist, in many cases, for years. Many people are unaware that headaches and migraines can be triggered from the upper neck joints, without the person experiencing any neck pain in many cases. Headaches are often triggered by poor posture adopted from hours spent hunched over desks, from repeated heavy lifting, or a previous injury.

The drug-free solution to your headaches

At Apex Headache Clinic, we have a very clear motto: The cure for pain isn’t painkillers.  We firmly believe in tackling pain at its source. Getting to the actual problem will reduce the need for pain medication, which only ever masks the pain, often with terrible side effects.

Apex Headache Clinic have been successfully treating headache and migraines sufferers for years, from all over the UK and from Ireland, north and south. We are very proud of our high success rate in curing persistent, longstanding migraines and headaches, using The Nelson Headache Approach. This is my own unique regime of manual physiotherapy treatment to the neck. At Apex Headache Clinic, our specialist physiotherapists have all been extensively trained in this regime and no other clinic offers it in the UK. We use this technique to help sufferers of all ages, including children, teenagers, business people, working mums and the elderly.

Clearing patients’ headaches for good

Eighteen-year-old Beth Neely said: “My headaches began four years ago and had been present ever since. I attended several doctors’ appointments, and carried out all recommendations, with no relief at all. I was also sent to paediatricians at the hospital, and again the outcome was the same. We literally tried all angles and the pain continued to get worse and worse, with no relief from painkillers. As a teenager, the pain had a major impact on my life. Thankfully, I finally found Apex Headache Clinic. When I attended my first appointment, what I noticed straight away was that the team genuinely wanted to help. My physio was confident that she could get to the source of the problem and it was the first bit of hope I’d felt in four years. After a course of treatment, Apex Headache Clinic truly changed my life.”

Don’t suffer in silence

If you suffer from persistent headaches or migraines, help is at hand. Book an initial assessment and treatment today at Apex Headache Clinic and allow our specialist physiotherapists to restore the quality of your life by clearing your headaches.

To book an appointment, call Apex Headache Clinic on: 028 9048 4153. No GP referral is necessary.