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Don’t let headaches or migraines ruin your summer holiday

With the holiday season upon us, and many people jetting off on a well-earned break, Apex Headache Clinic Founder and Spinal & Headache Physiotherapy Specialist, Rebecca Nelson, shares her must-know top tips for a headache and migraine free summer.

The summer months are one of the busiest times at Apex Headache Clinic. For many, the run up to that anticipated summer holiday can actually be a stressful time, spent finalising details, rushing around, last minute cleaning and lugging suitcases, the result of which can be the onset of painful headaches or migraines. Whilst many people attribute the occurrence of these headaches and migraines to the stress of travelling, the source of the problem is often entirely different.

Getting to the source of the problem

The statistics on headaches are shocking. In the UK alone, a staggering 10 million people suffer from frequent migraines or headaches, the effect of which can be devastating on their lives. But what is little known, is that the majority of headaches and migraines are triggered from the upper neck region of the spine, even if the sufferer doesn’t experience any neck pain at all.

At Apex Headache Clinic, our team of experienced Headache Physiotherapy Specialists can determine if your headaches or migraines are stemming from your neck. Following this, with our unique regime of manual physiotherapy treatment designed by Rebecca Nelson, we should be able to clear or significantly reduce your headaches or migraines.

Apex Headache Clinic’s survival guide for taking the headache or migraine out of your holiday

  • Limit lugging around heavy objects such as suitcases or shopping bags to a minimum. Doing this can excessively overload the upper neck region, triggering headaches or migraines. Instead of carrying your luggage, pick up a trolley at the airport. Furthermore, when shopping, spread the content over several bags, opting for more frequent, lighter loads, rather than a few heavy loads.
  • Hotter temperatures may have you reaching for alcohol to keep you cool but you should watch how much wine you consume. Even in small quantities, wine can trigger headaches or migraines severely. Spirits mixed with fruit juice and cocktails with fruit juice are much less of a trigger, and you should ensure you balance alcohol with drinking plenty of water to stay well hydrated.
  • Don’t slouch on sun loungers all day as laying in awkward positions for extended periods of time often leads to a stiff neck, triggering headaches and migraines in the process. When sunbathing on your back, always put a folded up towel under your head, to provide some neck support or this position could trigger a headache.
  • Don’t let poor pillows cause damage – switch to an Apex Sleepwell Pillow. Soft or flat pillows can be a major contributing factor for triggering headaches and migraines, as well as neck pain and stiffness. Apex Headache Clinic are fighting the war against poor pillows, thanks to our own, custom-made orthopaedic pillow collection. Each pillow in this collection has been technologically innovated to include a unique latex high-density core, which runs throughout the pillow’s entire width. This core provides the exact level of thickness and support to ensure the perfect sleeping position for a healthy neck. The collection includes a travel sized pillow, the ideal size for popping in your suitcase. Our pillows are available to purchase by phoning or calling into the clinic or through the Apex Clinic website.
  • When a headache or migraine strikes, many people reach for painkillers in the hope of a little relief. However, overusing medication can actually make them worse, so limit your intake to the worst two or three days of any week. A heat pack applied to your head and neck can provide short term relief and ice is not recommended.

If you suffer headaches or migraines, help is at hand. There could be a cure waiting for you here. Book an initial assessment and treatment today with one of our Headache Physiotherapy Specialists at Apex Headache Clinic and take the headache out of your summer holiday.